Stamboom van Kylian van het Melkmeisje en Magic Highland's Golden Summer geboren 16-03-2018


Kylian van het Melkmeisje

Ch. Sunlight Whispers From Paradise

Ch. Fairy Lodge He Will be Loved

Ch. Influence of The Night Raiders Home

Ch. Amalie Best Bitter

Ch. Gipsy Girl of The Blackstone Valley

Fairy Lodge Prima Donna

Baden Court Undercover

Xenia von Marnitreeg

Famke Whispers From Paradise

Tiganlea Man About Town with Meranne

Ch. Lynmead Lust in the Dust

Tiganlea Soft Touch

Mila van het Aards Paradijs

Ch. Influence of The Night Raiders Home

Tameila van het Aards Paradijs

Farah Van Het Melkmeisje

Ch. Double Scotch Gold Edward Cullen

Ch. Double Scotch Gold Windstar

Amalie By Design

Double Scotch Gold Scarlett O'hara

Double Scotch Black Xanthine

Ch. Double Scotch Black Ice Cube

Fontaneblui Blue Vanille

Momo of Castle Garden

Camaro Rock 'N' Roll

Ch. Scottlyme Xby Chance

Ch. Camaro Now or Never

Grace Black Gino of Castle Garden

Gershwin Black Lazar von der Ruhrstadt

Honey Moon Magic von Four Colours

Magic Highland's Golden Summer

Camaro Rock 'N' Roll

Ch. Scottlyme Xby Chance

Brilyn Chance Again at Lynnswed

Tashadon George Washington

Ch. Lanteague Black Magic at Brilyn

Ch. Harriet Showpuppet

Ch. Mallicot Sticky Fingers

Q'Cathy De Gold Collies

Ch. Camaro Now or Never

Ch. Xotic Lover of Slatestone

Ch. Riding's Deep in My Heart

Unchain my Heart of Slatestone

Fresena's Quite Surprise

Endless Design Mambo Man

Fresena's Fly A Way

Magic Highland's Chanel No.5

Ch. Black Forester vom Traumland Woblitz-See

Old Golden Gates Farndale

Ch. Margaret's Dust Eclipse

Golden Gates Run Softly

Black Antonia vom Traumland Woblitz-See

Endless Design Mambo Man

Blue Sweety Smile vom Woblitz-See

Fresena's Over The Rainbow

Blueroyce Rattle And Hum

Ch. Amalie Best Bitter

Blueroyce Uncut Gem

Fresena's Darling Clementine

Ch. Silvermoor's Highland Chief

Fresena's Wild Rose

Rayban van het Melkmeisje

Rayban woont bij de fam Lammers.